MACHINE ROX consists of a French/ American Dynamic Duo:           

SILVERMAN Aka Richard Kaltenhauser music/vocals/lyrics                 

STARDUST SIREN Aka Ariel Undine with powerful, ethereal, lead vocals and poetic lyrics.

They met in a Galaxy far away, and together fused into a combination of Mystical Mermaid and Robot Spaceman delivering Magical Music into your world with EBM/Dance/Industrial/Gothic Rock sounds.





Bred in the carnivorous creative hunger of founder Richard K also known as SILVERMAN, British Industrial MACHINE ROX provides an irrepressible resistance proof contagion striving to persistently ignite the senses. Since forming in 2007 the band has sculpted a merger of  ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL, METAL, EBM and ROCK which has rampaged whilst pushing the boundaries of band and genre. It is a rigorous continually evolving exploration marking the band as one hungrily invigorating proposition.

MACHINE ROX began as the solo project of Richard K, the musician/songwriter taking rich experiences and adventures from being part of Industrial Metallers MEAT MACHINE and GLOBAL NOISE ATTACK with whom he shared stages with the likes of RAMMSTEIN, NAPALM DEATH, COVENANT, CHRISTIAN DEATH, SULPHER, ULTRAVIOLENCE...The project grew with the addition of AGA in 2010. Her unique backing vocals and keyboard seduction aiding a new potency which took the well received strengths of the band first 2 EPs to new commanding heights with the "Driven" EP. The recruitment of guitarist VALERIAN OPROIU and drummer NUJ FARROW in 2012 saw the quartet concentrating  on lighting up the live arena which they did with acclaim and accomplished devilry through festivals appearances and shows which saw them played with bands such as LEAETHERSTRIP, V2A, DEADCELL, DEVIANT UK...2013 became MACHINE ROX's strongest and most successful year to date, the signing with UK label STATIC DISTORTION a launch pad for the storming voraciously received "Activate your anger" EP and debut album "Shout". Both releases exploded with crushing rhythmic invention and anthem breeding ravaging, taking the band's sound into new imposing yet epidemically captivating depths. A stronger emphasis and adventure into the metal driven imagination of the band emerged within the releases of the "Intox" EP, a new toxicity to the ever evolving and refining sound of MACHINE ROX. Sophomore album "Next Level" unleashed in 2014 and has fueled the passions with an even greater flavoursome and impacting tempest. A single "Zombie DJ Super Freak" and an EP "Electric Bang Machine" saw the light in 2015 but sadly the departure of VALERIAN OPROIU and AGA. Nevertheless MACHINE ROX is still going stronger and stronger with another EP "Dark is Dark" released in November 2015. "Love is Pain" EP was released in 2016 followed by the single "You and I". In 2017 the band signed with Austrian label Dark Ace Records and released the EP "Unite Us". In June 2017 ARIEL UNDINE also known as STARDUST SIREN joined MACHINE ROX as singer/songwriter and the band released the single "Fighting With My Fear".  The new formation played gigs sharing the stage with KMFDM, DAS ICH, LORDS OF THE LOST, TREPONEM PAL, INERTIA, GRAUSAME TOCHTER, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, DAF, SUICIDE COMMANDO, MESH, THE YOUNG GODS and more...2018 saw NUJ FARROW  leaving the band and replaced by DEB ALTON on electronic drums for live shows. In 2018 the EP "Siren's Spell" was released and in 2019 the album"Nocturnal Creatures".



"Money Maker" single  (Future Music Magazine review)
Heavy beats, minimal melodies and repetitive vocals make up Machine rox's "Money Maker". It remind us of a track you might hear at a post apocalyptic rave,  but coming out of better speakers than will probably be available after the apocalypse. The lyrics are actually really cool and we liked how they're integrated in a whispered "up yours" kind of way. The chorus saves the track from being too repetitive and the melody juxtaposes with the verse really well.

EP  (Brutal Resonance review)
Machine Rox music style is an Industrial driven Electro with not too varied music that gives you the sensation that you are listening to the voices of machines in a factory. Some of the tracks on this five song EP are a bit harder, but most of them have a more poppy sound even though all of them are dance floor oriented. "Money Maker" is supposed to be the headline, but I think is a bit too repetitive and I actually think that the second
track "Cynical Radio" is the highlight of this EP even though "Planet Sexy" and "Go" have a nice feeling to it as well. "God of Rock" has some amazing loops that makes it a good track even though the lyrics are very limited. I really like that the EP is an EP with five different tracks instead of two tracks and a couple of remixes that are usual these days.
Reviewed By Patrik Lindstrom

EP  (Devolution Magazine review)
Machine Rox is the brain child of Richard K from the Industrial band Global Noise Attack and this Industrial influence is certainly evident on this EP.The sound here is Skinny Puppy like and is dark and Industrial. The tracks are entirely composed of electronics and the lyrics have a seething, whispering quality to them. Track one tunnel vision makes light of modern day consumer culture with lyrics alluding to making money
and buying luxury items such as cars. The repetitive quality to the sequencing is also highly effective as it really helps the track to drive home the monotonous sense it is encapsulating. Outpost relies on the same repetitive club like sound but is lighter and less ambient in its approach, instead choosing to adopt a more Disco-Industrial style (if such a thing exists?). London based Machine Rox are as dark a style of Industrial as you can get and this EP will please hardcore Industrial fans that like their music dark and obscure.
Reviewed By Sarah Angell 

EP2  (Brutal Resonance review)
This is the second EP from Machine Rox that I review and actually my comments don't differ so much from the first review. Richard K has as talent for making great melodies, "Rock is back" is the greatest example on this five track EP. The first tune called "Hello Danger" is also a favourite and like many of the tracks, it has a repetitive refrain that really sticks and is as hard to chase off as a hungry pack of mosquitoes.
Reviewed BY Patrik Lindstrom

EP2  (Devolution Magazine review)
London's Machine Rox are back with more of their acidic Electro-Industrial mayhem. This follow up is a collection of new songs created in the wake of their first EP and follows in the same vein. Opening track "Hello Danger" is hard edged Industrial with a raw and ferocious side to it. The vocals are still whispering like and sinister and the sequencing is still repetitive. "Rock is back" remains dark and progressive in its approach with a repetition that evokes a sense of robotic desperation. They have achieved a more polished sound on this cd, as harsh electronics become a little more refined and well adjusted. "You make me wanna" positively breathes with a disturbing and perverse electronic favour while
"Hacker Fucker" seethes with intense electronics and "Wake up" anarchistic mentally is made clear through lyrics "Wake up, open your mind, wake up, get on with your life" and it reminds me of Hocico in their harder moments.
Reviewed By Sarah Angell

 Driven EP  (Subexistance Magazine review)
Machine Rox is a very interesting English band. The project of Richard K who decided to use electro beats in Goth music.In 2010, the female singer Aga joined the band and they have released a new EP "Driven" which contains five slices of dark sounds and harmonious tunes. Each track has a different feel to it. The two first songs are dynamic with strong beats and harmonious female vocals. We believe Machine Rox is the future of Electro Goth because of their very special and original songs.
Reviewed By Lucy + Purplekittie

 Driven EP  (Devolution Magazine review)
This is basic industrial 101 fused with lashings of electro that seem to wrap their arms around together quite snug. There are some rather bleeptastic foot stomping glow stick weaving moments on this and although this five track offering is definitely a must have for dance floor DJ's it is actually a very accessible album for everyday listening too. "Made of rock" with its female harmonised sweet whisperings and lullaby chorus teamed with the contrast of Richard K's raspy vocals is the standout track and with the addition of a violin style sound the whole package is a definitive mouth-watering treat. Closer "What you see" is anthemic with its air pumping beats and the rhythm snares you into submission. Though the last two tracks are definitely the strongest each of the five do offer up a slice of the Machine Rox repertoire and a full length release may allow them to show their audience the full diversity of their sound.
Reviewed By Nickie 


DEVOLUTION magazine: The band made their inception into the alternative and industrial music scene way back in 2007, since then founder and frontman Richard K (ex Global Noise Attack) and his crew have released a fairly decent back catalogue of albums and eps all showcasing promise with sheer passion...until now! This ep isn’t just a promise…it is within these five tracks that the band have excelled and grown into their now very accomplished sound and have come up with a fantastic mix of tracks that have seen them evolve and with their promotional persistence and determination I really hope that this puts them firmly on the music map and that their compositions gets introduced to the right audience now. Its unrelenting, dance floor sustainable melodies with heavy distortion, guitars and gravelly vocals that are confident and demanding all of which make this a very tasty treat indeed. Devolution readers were privileged to hear the first track ‘Move Your Body’ last issue on the covermount cd and I have to maintain that this is probably my favourite song; it’s incredibly strong, appeals to my ‘metal’ side with those dirty grinding guitar riffs, heavy bass and anthem style verses. There is a great depth to the sound of Machine Rox and its diversity is shown within ‘Where You Are’ – I also love how keyboardist Aga’s voice compliments Rich’s vocals perfectly and I would love to hear more from them working together on future tracks. Bandmates Nuj (drums) and Valerian (guitar) are essential to the live aspect of the band and with some incredible shows booked throughout the remainder of 2014 the foursome really can use this year as their time to shine. There is a new album due out in May with the title ‘Next Level’ and never has a title been so very apt…wishing you guys every success!

CrimsonMoonZine: “Machine Rox is the project of Richard Kaltenhauser (aka Richard K), an ex- member of the Industrial bands Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack (GNA) with whom he was bass player, guitarist and programmer. An early enthusiast of the use of electronics in the Goth/Rock scene, he made the natural transition from Goth/Rock to Electro/Industrial. In 2010 the female singer Aga joined Machine Rox and in 2012 they recruited Nuj Farrow on drums and Valerian Oproiu on guitar for live shows. The music is a corrosive blend of Electro, Industrial, Metal and EBM. Richard K also works on electro/industrial club remix for other bands and artists” Move your body (Until you die) The feeling this E.P gives you as you press play and hear its thick heavy unwavering rhythms is breath-taking and will leave you open mouthed! :O Layered with sumptuous dark beats and crisp pumping guitar with fantastic harmonies – I am losing myself as the keyboard flourishes with unbridled passionate notes, deep and powerful - oh I don’t want this to end! I am not in control of my body – Machine Rox has taken full control! This is something else it totally owns your soul and will leave its mark! Night Riots Pulsating rhythmic smacking’s and squelches burst into fueled bruising catchiness. It provokes a certain madness that is hypnotic, frenzied and downright enjoyable. Its powerful beats indeed cause an epidemic of infectious grooves and believe me when I say you will NOT be in control of your limbs as they twitch vehemently to this. Next Nothing I haven’t calmed down from the last two tracks yet and now yet more harshness follows with a rasping vocal that really compliments the equally gnarly music. Again the catchiness will just sweep you into oblivion with the usual twitching of flailing limbs as it pounds ferociously with no let up. Where you are Punchy and rhythmic this shoots into the atmosphere with a pummeling your ears can’t ignore offering sharp acidic little synth notes and more than just atmospheric and eerie with its haunting vocals it flows a jagged path and saunters with a certain swagger of pulsating pleasure. Time to Survive Captivating harsh rhythms this one, which will sweep you onto the dance floor and work you like a puppet. Choppy and mesmerizing with its flurry of shard like synth raining down on you like very sharp knives. Expressive with that sumptuous industrial feel and giving you that certain prime evil feeling of provocative assertiveness.

RingMaster Review: After struggling to catch a breath after the riotous, energetic and overwhelmingly exhausting Activate Your Anger EP from UK industrial/electro band Machine Rox, you can only sit back with a satiated hungry appetite and contemplate basking immediately again in the feast of satisfying sounds. Like that favourite meal you may constantly choose in a restaurant, the release is a familiar and arguably unadventurous encounter for the palate, but one which brings the deepest and fullest senses ravaging pleasure. Machine Rox began in 2007 as the solo project of Richard Kaltenhauser (aka Richard K), a member of industrial bands Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack (who supported the likes of Rammstein, Napalm Death, and Covenant). His ideas and sounds blended the potent essences of electro, industrial, and ebm with a corrosive metallic guitar bred attack for as subsequent releases show an impacting and incendiary brawl of a magnetic encounter. The arrival of Aga in 2010 on backing vocals and keyboards brought the project into a band stance with two years later joining Aga and Richard (electronics, vocals, guitars), drummer Nuj Farrow and guitarist Valerian Oproiu added their presence for the live aspect of the band. Since then Machine Rox has supported bands such as Leaetherstrip, V2A, and Deviant UK, and played numerous successful and acclaimed shows and festivals. Activate Your Anger follows a quartet of well received EPs which has increased their stature rapidly but with the new Static Distortion Label EP and its increased aggression, intensity, and contagious energy, expectations are of this being a trigger point to even greater awareness. The London based band immediately coats the ear in a static cursed electro rub instantly joined by heavy caustic riffs, predatory 175430660-1beats, and burning sonics as opener Move Your Body (Until You Die) winds up its lethal dance. A thumping pulse driven rampage with devilment and rhythmic belligerence in tow is an easy persuasion especially with the dual vocals of Richard and Aga offering a devil and angel seduction. Whether from the acidic melodic venom of the guitar or the bewitching wantonness of the electro spotlights and their spearing shafts of warmth, the track is an unrelenting tempest which incites a full engagement and compliance to its irresistible call. The following Night Riots is not just content to follow in the wake of its compelling predecessor without making its own contagious declaration on the ear which it does by initially provoking and caging the senses in commanding and synapse resonating throaty beats. Hitting the primal target which leads again to capitulation before the forceful and greedy energy as well as the infectious temptation beckoning and grinning from every note and corner of the track, the band without quite matching the potency of the first track holds the passions in its grasp and takes them on an invigorating irresistible ride. Next Nothing steps up to offer a snarl to the release which reminds of Ghost In The Static, its bruising and scuzzy sound and intensive sinews the most imposing and threatening part of the EP. It like all the songs has hooks which deep root themselves in the listener for the most potent contagion though up against the following Where You Are still looks like a novice in that department. Taking centre stage with an instantaneous swagger and impossibly catchy lure, the new song is an intoxicating hypnotist with sparking crystalline seduction and an authoritative cogent rhythmic web which enslaves the senses and passions. Virulently infectious with a presence which is like Dead Or Alive meets Hanzel und Gretyl with Marilyn Manson and Angelspit in close attention, the track is electro manna for which there is no defence. Bringing the release to an equally riveting and explosive conclusion is firstly Time To Survive, the track bringing back a thicker muscular wall of sound to further tease and exploit the now brewed ardour towards it with insidiously entrancing sonic enticement and ravenous heavy duty rapaciousness, and finally a remixed version of Next Nothing. Though Activate Your Anger does not offer anything dramatically new, it and Machine Rox unleash a tempestuous energy exploding experience which few recently have rivalled.  8.5/10 

INTRAVENOUS MAGAZINE: The band's previous EP 'Harder' was a simple but fairly effective collection of dance-orientated industrial that, while refreshingly honest, was lacking in that something to truly endear them. This time the duo's new EP, 'Activate Your Anger' seems a lot more focussed and musically could be a real game changer. The album sounds fuller and a lot more confident in its approach. The one biggest criticism of their previous offerings was the quality of the vocals. But this is no longer a problem. The dual vocals sit comfortably within the mix and Aga's contributions gel a lot better than before. Songs like 'Night Riots', 'Next Nothing', and 'Time To Survive' show the band are finally reaching that level that they had always had aspirations towards. The lead melodies are catchy, the beats are hard and the guitars flesh out the bottom end in a very pleasing way. But it's the remix of 'Next Nothing' that is perhaps the strongest track on the EP and will no doubt get plenty of spins on the dancefloor. Though it does highlight that the band, although drastically improved, can still push themselves further. This is a very strong outing for the band and one that should start turning people's heads. The production sounds the best it ever has. All the musical ideas and elements also just seem to come together with a lot more ease. There is still a little room for improvement, sure. But perhaps now is the time to go for the big push and that long overdue full-length album.

SHOUT reviews

SIDE-LINE MAGAZINE:  Machine Rox has a sort of cyber-goth image reminding me to some of their compatriots like Ext!ze and V2A. The band started as a solo-project of Richard K (Meat Machine) in 2007 and got its final line-up in 2012. After the release of a few EP’s the album “Shout” has now been dropped to conquer the world. And “Shout” is a real revelation. Machine Rox perfectly merges metal and electronics together. Sound-wise the band is a bit comparable to the aforementioned bands, but Machine Rox sounds harder because of the impressive and merciless guitar playing. A few songs remind me a bit of the legendary Cubanate. This work also features elements of EBM –especially for the bass lines, while rather melodious choruses have been empowered by violent guitar assaults. Richard K still is the lead singer of the band, but he’s joined on backings by the delicious Aga. She injects a malicious, but angelic touch on top of the songs. The formula of Machine Rox is quite easy, but damn efficient. They’ve found the right balance between guitars and electronics. The sound is quite aggressive and yet refined because of the solid and melodic lead parts. Conclusion: An album filled with a turbo engine resulting in multiple great songs. Machine Rox could be the next revelation in cyber-metal land.


Street Voice UK Magazine: Machine Rox – Next Level: What started out as a solo project for Richard K is now far beyond that and the proof of that lays with this eleven track album. ‘Next Level’ may seem a bit clean in places but overall it’s a decent listening experience if you enjoy the industrial rock / metal scene. The quality and originality of this release just leaves you with an appetite for more. I can see why they’ve shared stages with the likes of Rammstein and Napalm Death. Go on and check them out. Tracks such as ‘Lost My Mind’, ‘Love Explosion’ and ‘You Belong To Me’ really did it for me! A band that seriously need to be checked out! 9/10

  RAMzine: Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack member Richard K started Machine Rox as a personal side project, which grew into the band as it stands today. Completing the line-up is guitarist Valerian Oproriu, keyboard and backing vocals Aga, and newest member of Machine Rox, Drummer Nuj Farrow who joined in 2012. ‘Next Level’ is Machine Rox second studio offering the band are looking to evaluate and push the boundaries of Industrial Metal. Taking their own musical style which is a blend of hard hitting metal guitars and electro synthesizers. ‘Lost My Mind’ will be the introduction to Machine Rox for most people, synthesizer and guitar work draw you into the track before you get hit by the full force of the bands musical weight, Richard K’s vocals command you to listen.machine rox ‘Love Explosion’ goes into full electro mode with more FM synth’s than you can shake a glow stick at. The band tip their hats to Rob Zombie, before breaking into a brilliant but brief guitar solo accompanied by more synthesizer work bring the track to completion. ‘Illusion’ progresses the album, changing tack with the drums and bass setting the tone of the whole track. This is followed by the up tempo ‘Cycle Complete‘ perfect for listening to whilst driving just watch your speed, as you might find yourself with a pair of flashing blue lights added to your rave. Aga’s vocal leads the Machine Rox into ‘Last Kamikaze’ that is slow and ponderous giving you a break from the intensity of the last 6 tracks, with a flavour of Pendulum from their ‘In Silco‘ / ‘Hold in your Colour‘ days. ‘My Own Religion’ has a distinctly Depeche Mode feeling to it and sending the senses into overload before the final two tracks ‘Mind Game‘ and ‘You Belong to Me‘ bring the album to it climax. ‘Next Level’ certainly lives up to its name musically, I hope that this will firmly put Machine Rox on the radar and promote the genre as a whole. I think that the album would have benefitted from a known producer adding their touch to the album. This could have helped to add some higher production values to the Machine Rox sound with the added bonus of raising the profile of Machine Rox. I also understand the D.I.Y nature that surrounds this particular sub-genre and how hard it can be to produce an album. I think that this will please the fans and win them new support. Check Machine Rox out if you are a fan of Rammstein, Combichrist or Rob Zombie’s Solo work. 8/10

INTRAVENOUS MAGAZINE: Following on from last year's dull-length début 'Shout', London's Machine Rox have waisted no time in unleashing another collection of industrial metal head-bangers. They took their time before releasing their first album, but 'Shout' saw the quartet become the band that they had strived to be, hard, fast and surprisingly club-friendly. 'Next Level' as the title suggests sees the band aiming to raise their game further with a sharper focus and some even better riffs. The guitars are loud and savagely distorted, the synths are slick and catchy, and the vocals sound better than on any previous album. Songs such as 'Love Explosion', 'Electric Sun', 'Cycle Complete', 'My Own Religion', and 'You Belong To Me' really show how far the band have come in terms of songwriting and execution. They are heavier, tighter, more polished and not afraid to mix things up, such as in the lush instrumental 'Last Kamikaze' or the fist-in-the-air southern rock riffing of 'Losers In Your Game'. The production has continued to improve as well on this release with far fewer instances of the vocals getting swamped by the guitars. It still has a roughness to it's sound, but when the synths are high in the mix it creates quite a nice balance between their dirty rock and slick dance sides. If the band's aim was to raise their game to the next level with this album, they have certainly achieved that. The album takes a big step on from the solid foundation of 'Shout' and consolidates their position as a force to be reckoned with. The band's confidence has soared over the past couple of years and the effect it has had on their output has been impressive. If they can continue this kind of pace at this level they will only continue to see their stock rise further.

RingMaster: British industrial metallers Machine Rox has never been a slouch in stirring up ears and emotions with its fiery and rapacious energy and imagination, but the London quartet has found a new covetous creative tenacity to consume the senses with new album Next Level. As its title declares, the eleven track adventure sees the band rise to a new plateau in songwriting, sound, and sheer contagious enterprise. Not exactly a game changer but an encounter to set a fierce new blaze within the landscape of industrial and electro rock, Next Level is a gripping and feistily enjoyable rampage. Originally formed by musician/songwriter Richard K as a solo project in 2007, Machine Rox has evolved into a full line-up consisting of guitarist Val Oproiu, drummer Nuj Farrow, and Aga on keys and vocals alongside vocalist/bassist/ programmer Richard K. Employing his experiences in bands like industrial metallers Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack, and in the sharing of stages with the likes of Rammstein, Napalm Death, and Covenant, Richard after some time away from music began exploring a merger of metal and electro rock in his band’s emerging sound. It is a journey which has intensified and grown with accompanying acclaim through releases such as the Activate Your Anger EP and debut album Shout, both in 2013. Last year also saw the release of the more metal infused Intox EP, a tasty hint of the exploits to be found on Next Level, though to be fair the band’s electro and industrial side is as vocal and potently evolved on the album. The album flirts with ears straight away through the opening crystalline electro coaxing of Lost My Mind. The first track takes little time to flex its muscles and intensity though, sinew packed riffs and rhythmic teasing combining to challenge and ignite the senses as the vocals of Richard K similarly work on thoughts with his raw expression. The electronic lure of the track provides a contagious enterprise whilst the muscular strength of the song and the vocal bait adds anthemic essences, it all adding up to a riveting and impressive start. The melodic Front Line Assembly meets Ghost In the Static feel of the song is replaced by the more caustic breath and ferocity of Love Explosion, KMFDM and Godflesh coming to mind though as with all songs the finished recipe is all a2738925395_2Machine Rox. The second track also unleashes an insatiable energy and charge to its pulsating persuasion, synths swirling feistily around the senses whilst guitars and beats cast a heavier and darker confrontation in the relentlessly infectious endeavour. With a glorious solo adding to the proposition, the song continues the outstanding start to the release and is immediately emulated by the heavy and catchy swing of Losers In Your Game. A Marilyn Manson-esque swagger fuels carnivorous riffs and eager rhythms whilst vocally Richard K prowls ears with a provocative narrative cast by his distinctive tones, the mix another slab of inescapable virulence. Next Level is an album which holds a greater diversity than any Machine Rox release to date, the following warm mellow embrace of Electric Sun one example of the different sides to the character of the album. It is a melodic and seductive smouldering reminding of fellow Brits MiXE1, but also a song unafraid to spread a rawer climate across its sultry canvas; keys and guitars merging extremes for a heat wave of evocative and imaginative adventure. Both Illusion and Cycle Complete keep body and emotions aflame, the first a bubbling yet bordering on corrosive devilry gaining swift enslavement of feet and imagination, whilst the second has a sinister edge to its imposing presence and electronic fascination. A throaty bass flavouring adds to the song’s drama, its weave of noir kissed shadows soaking the otherwise magnetically fiery track driven by vibrant electronics, heavy metallic riffery, and enticing vocals of Richard and Aga. Though neither song quite finds the plateau of their predecessors, both leave an already hungry appetite greedier before making way for the bewitching instrumental Last Kamikaze. Keys and guitars entwine with melodic beauty whilst the electronic atmosphere of the track provides a mesmeric soundscape for thoughts to drift into their own adventure through. There is also a sterner intimidation offered by slow but voracious riffery, again a blend which results in a stunning incitement for ears and emotions. The aggressive yet welcoming presence of Breathe Again comes next, its striking metal seeded attack and rabid toxicity instantly contagious as a spice reminding of Gravity Kills and Die Krupps shows itself. Another scorching solo from Val Oproiu lights the exciting and scintillating tempest, its impressive offering contrasted and matched by My Own Religion as a resonating electro temptation swallows the senses to breed a similar weighty enticement as its predecessor. Only nailed to the floor feet could resist its enthralling call whilst the raw glaze to the vocals and the scything guitar invention gives the rest of the body a welcome work over. The two songs show another twist in the nature of the album but each slightly pales against the might of Mind Game. It is a thunderous provocation, rhythms and riffs the heaviest on the album and melodies the most acidic as it evolves into an irresistible almost savage stomp which leaves thoughts and lungs breathless. The album closes with You Belong To Me, itself another slab of industrial metal loaded with creative voracity and uncompromising attitude within heavyweight infectiousness. It is a thrilling end to an enthralling and rigorously compelling album. Next Level is without doubt Machine Rox at their most potent and thrilling yet, the start of a new adventure which should push the band into a new and greedy industrial /electronic spotlight.

Powepoints Magazine:
Machine Rox is the brainchild of ex Meat Machine man Richard K. As you would expect from a man whose former projects have graced stages with the likes of Rammstein and Napalm Death, Machine Rox make the kind of industrial electro rock that sound tracked a thousand cyber-goth club nights back in the 90s, and, I would somewhat controversially argue, was the forerunner of not just the electro influenced metal that’s ubiquitous now but also of other modern genres like dub-step. However, much like Bill Clinton, the music of the 90s lost much of its power and influence and became supplanted by newer things. So, where does that leave Machine Rox, plying industrial rock in 2014? Well, if these songs are anything to go by, then it might we’ll be time for a revival. Make no mistake, this is still exciting, vital stuff, and from the first few pounding bars of opener‘Lost My Mind’,it’s clear that industrial rock done well has as much dance floor filling power as it ever did, and this is industrial rock done very well. Even if your head’s not nodding by the end of ‘Lost My Mind’,then it almost certainly will be by the time the pummelling beat of‘Breathe Again’ and the sinuous grooves of ‘Illusion’get their claws into you. In fact, on the evidence that Machine Rox are putting forward here, you could even say it’s time to sweep away all the hybrid electro-metalcore pups who are mere pretenders to the throne, dust off your fluorescent hair extensions, and enjoy a full blown industrial revival.

Whisperin and Hollerin:
The electropop doodles that occupy the opening bars of the album don’t exactly scream ‘industrial metal’, but then the dense wall of noise guitars blast in like a jet engine, almost loud enough to drown our Richard K’s snarling vocals. The production’s bright, the synthetic snare cuts through the heavy fizz. But for all the rage, the big, big chorus and bouncy synth is pure pop. There’s no shortage of stomping, fist-pumping anthems – ‘Losers in Your Game’ and the thumping ‘My Own Religion’ being clear standouts.
The slower, softer and more electronic ‘Electric Sun’ is reminiscent of Depeche Mode or PHM era NIN with sweeping shoegaze guitars, a dark and expansive and remarkably sensitive unballad. It’s back to the technoindustrial grind with the KMFDM-like ‘Illusion’ and the frenetic dancefloor metal of the snarling ‘Cycle Complete’. There’s plenty of high-octane firepower to come, too, with the incendiary disco-metal of ‘Breathe Again’ and the Ministry-influenced ‘Mind Game’ delivering the venomous goods.

Pagan Hel review:
Lost my Mind
The start of this urgent and appealing track is filled with intrigue and powerful riffs that engage with a large chunk of catchiness involved. The little stabs of synth notes are haunting and add a touch of spice to the rambunctious rhythmic content. – Great track!
Love Explosion
Captivating memorable slabs of melodic rhythms take over in an all-out assault that attacks the aural with a hungry appetite and antagonistic attitude. The hooks are pleasing and swiftly matched with a heavier bait of grazing vocal.
Losers in your Game
Twisting under the weight of heavy dramatic rhythmic imagination is this track that is reinforced with a primal lust and uncompromising persuasion. The catchiness never far away.
Electric Sun
Boiling over with a broodiness and softer vocal that still harbours a certain passion for being alluring. The rhythms gnaw constantly on the ears and provoke a healthy reaction with their sultry and dramatic endeavours.
Irrepressibly addictive this will have you up on your feet in no time as the feisty rhythms take hold. Merging with a scenery of sizzling temptation as it flows seamlessly through its structures.
Cycle Complete
Colouring and painting its own vivid landscape this track bristles with a hearty madness that spills over from its accomplished grazing and added into the foray are Agnes’s vocal slant adding a certain dramatic flow to the proceedings.
Last Kamikaze
Slow and chilling although very ambient and refreshing, it boasts a certain angular stroking of rhythms and steady beatings that lay on a drenched compelling layer of hooks and towering synth. The urgency lies in the taunting of this magical instrumental.
Breathe Again
Back to its roots of addictive contagion and sultry aggression. It is relentless in its direct delivery of hook loaded sinews and excites with a gripping bait that outlines a flurry of riffs, carrying the track to its tempered end.
My own Religion
Virulent choppy synth notes build here and mesmerize with a deep penetrating coolness as the rhythms pack a riveting punch. The slithers of swinging rhythms molest the ears in this all-out brawl to the senses.
“The slower more ambient moments are interlaced with powerful rhythmic spicing and leaves one feeling refreshed and truly rewarded for the listening encounter!”
Mind Game
Tumultuously glorious this track enthrals from start to finish – its attack is vitriolic and far reaching. Agnes again lends her voice to the structure in antagonistic tones while Richard’s lower scathing tones warmly ignite and they both contrast well within the towering structures that ignite together with sheer urgency.
You belong to me
Sharp jagged synth notes call out to a sonically charged harsh slab of rhythmic grandeur, with brief glimpses of disturbed and finely tuned bait as the melodic but harsh state of the track engages with a certain compulsion.
The whole of the album forges memorable catchy choruses into the mind while the slabs of stark and sometimes dark energy wraps around your being and melts into a sonic array of superb potency.
Reinforced with punchy beats and jagged enterprise it swiftly runs with your senses and forgets to stop.
The slower more ambient moments are interlaced with powerful rhythmic spicing and leaves one feeling refreshed and truly rewarded for the listening encounter.
The album hosts its subtle moments too that have heart-felt expression attached that literally enslave and own the senses. The album ignites with a certain melodic passion that seethes under the weight of its own seduction.
Increasing and sometimes decreasing in strength Machine Rox play with your thoughts and emotions on all levels and that’s not likely to stop any time soon!


You may remember that last issue our Editor Nickie reviewed the "Activate your anger" release which was praised to the absolute fullest...and here we now have it's follow up...Next Level which is a Heavy Electro Rock album with a strong Industrial sound that has been developed by Richard K & Co for a while (since 2007!) ensuring that the developed sound is that of their very own. From time to time there are what I'd like to call healthy shades of Rob Zombie and Mortiis that appear from within, but this album is something very unique and impressive altogether. The album's blessed with fast guitars with plenty of distortion and presents both Rock and Metal yet it wouldn't be unwelcome as a dance floor anthem in a Goth night club for those up for a bit Oof a stomp or rave. Thought provoking and enthralling, all Industrial bands will certainly have the opportunity to take something from this impressively atmospheric album that has truly taken Machine Rox to the next level. By Lucas Chapel


It seems there is no stopping Machine Rox they are an unstoppable force with their punchy magnetic tracks this one being no exception. The sinister hues of ambient magic draws you closer into their seductive rhythms and when they do be prepared for a demonic attack to the audial. It is virtually impossible not to move in one form or another to sounds like this – even if one was encased in quick drying cement! Mind Control Again with a sinister ambiance this track launches its devious rhythms on unsuspecting ears. It toys with your emotions and subsequently has you firmly fixed on the target! It’s tempting bursts of raw and unbridled involvement is like metal to a magnet which in turn sends a dark wave of alluring rhythms right down the spine until it cannot tingle anymore! Move On This has to be my favourite track on said E.P just for the bubbling rhythms it emits and the anthemic pull that levitates to an all-time high. The sing a long content will have you reaching for the obligatory hairbrush in order to add to the bands tempestuous enterprise, while your body is taken on an irresistible journey that has to be completed. It continues to impress right up to its end and will ensure a superb listen. _____________________________________________________________ “The drama that is executed within this E.P and rip-roaring exploits will be a great springboard for the next offering by the band – but hard to see how they can better this! Superbly executed!” _____________________________________________________________ Save the World This is an incredible amble of sparse keyboard notes that will engage while offering subtle edginess and melodic enterprise. Its message needs no explanation and will leave your senses awakened. Fall Down Is a really engaging and thoroughly mesmeric track that captures a riotous feel and one you want to get caught up in on listening and will invariably do so! The vocal grazing is all-encompassing and rich, backed up by fluid ripples of moreish rhythms is a grand recipe for electronic body movements! Stop telling lies The bristling waves of pulsating rhythms and beats surround you in a cloak of pure unadulterated madness that twist and turn into a ferocious stomp. Again the mind has to obey such powerful tones and swiftly manoeuvres the body to follow suit so it is 100% thoroughly engaging. Summary For EBM enthusiasts everywhere (count me in here) This E.P will roughly caress the senses and awaken your soul with its powerful lures and addictive choruses to the point it will leave you dazed and disorientated in true Machine Rox style! It isn’t difficult to get attached to music of this calibre with its mesmerising beats and punchy rhythms – in fact if you can’t you are obviously not long for this world or already dead! The focus is without a doubt the attention grabbing synth notes (courtesy of Aga who lends her vocals to the tracks as well) that gravitate toward the ears and is an amazing piece of bait that Machine Rox exploit superbly well through-out this E.P. The drama that is executed within this E.P and rip-roaring exploits will be a great springboard for the next offering by the band – but hard to see how they can better this! Superbly executed! Go on, go out with the Electric Bang Machine! 10/10


We arrived at The Forum Kentish town yesterday (a pleasant short walk from the hotel) to be greeted by friendly and jovial door/security staff, and then similarly pleasant cloakroom staff, as the first band had started. The sound was impressive, big and clear, and a good number of people were already present and ready to dance. My mini review:
Machine Rox: bold and charismatic performance, loads of personality, and a big sound. Ariel's performance and unapologetically brassy singing completely commanded the audience, as did Richard on guitars and Debs on drums. Very joyful, charismatic and fun, but that doesn't stop the inclusion of some heartfelt and emotional themes in their songs too. Ariel's mermaid dancing girls were a (sorry, but) deliciously silly addition. This was, unambiguously, a "show", and well worth arriving early for. Brilliant!